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About the Social Care Institute for Excellence

SCIE improves the lives of people of all ages by co-producing, sharing, and supporting the use of the best available knowledge and evidence about what works in practice.

About us

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is a leading values-driven improvement agency. In recent years we have evolved from a largely government- funded body to a fast-moving, high-profile and more commercial organisation and thought leader.

We are independent and people-focused, operating at policy and practice levels with a huge database of ‘what works’ good practice, eLearning tools and resources. Working beyond and across social care and health and children’s and adults sectors, we contribute to the development and implementation of better care, support and safeguarding at national and local level.


We support commissioners and providers in developing and embedding practices which are innovative, have impact, and enable effective scrutiny and accountability.

We offer a wide range of tailored and flexible improvement support, working collaboratively with associates and partner organisations. SCIE’s future success depends on our ability to continue developing our range of large and small commercial projects covering consultancytraining, evaluation and research to complement our government funded commissions.

What makes us special

We believe that the five factors below, in combination, make us a unique and essential improvement partner for the Department of Health and Social Care, and our range of customers across sectors and at national and local levels.


  • Are independent, people-focused, driven by co-production principles and ways of working, and in children’s services by hearing the voice of the child and young people
  • Operate at policy development, strategic and operational levels, with a golden thread of what works in practice
  • Benefit from huge reach and a vast knowledge/evidence base, including e-learning tools and resources, alongside topical blogs and articles
  • Offer a range of flexible and tailored input (training, consultancy, topic expertise, research, evaluation, facilitation, coaching)
  • Work in highly collaborative ways, including levering in others where this might lead to better solutions and outcomes

If you would like to commission SCIE or are interested in working in partnership with us, please get in touch.