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Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (SFPC)

What Family Valued means in Coventry

Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (SFPC)

Coventry City Council (CCC) is in the process for implementing Family Valued. It began working with Leeds City Council in 2021.

A key task has been to develop a clear brand and description of the programme, which is understood and recognised by all staff and partners. Part of this is also hearing the voices of colleagues involved in the programme and allowing them to share their insights on the change they are making.

A guide to Coventry Family Valued

CCC has produced a guide to Family Valued, describing its approach to working with children and families, its commitments to them, and what this means for colleagues.

The guide presents the information in a way that is meaningful to people in Coventry and that they can relate to, echoing the identity of Coventry as the ‘city of three spires’.

Two versions of the guide has been produced: one for children’s services practitioners and one for partners.

The guide does the following:

  • Give a clear and concise explanation of Coventry Family Valued
  • Establish a strong brand and local identity for the programme
  • Outline the key elements of the programme: making Coventry a child-friendly city, family-led decision-making, and the ‘Coventry Way’ approach to social work practice

Videos: Hear from practitioners in Coventry

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