Creating the five year forward view for social care

Published: November 2016


The NHS benefits from having the Five Year Forward View which sets out a case for up-front investment in the NHS – but no such case has been made for social care. Yet social care has a track record of transforming services, such as delivering personal budgets, asset-based approaches and co-production, and needs to be backed to make further transformation possible.

This paper explores the potential for scaling up the most promising examples of care and support services to see what their impact would be on outcomes and costs. Using real data from Birmingham City Council, we have scaled up three models to estimate their potential benefits.

Our aim is to start a series of national and local discussions which re-imagine how we can lead good lives, in good places for people with support needs - building on well-evidenced innovative models from across the UK.

As someone who uses services I would ask that areas look at total transformation holistically. Not just as savings – but how they can improve those services to help people and communities to flourish.

Clenton Farquharson, person who uses services and Director, Community Navigator Services


In the coming months, we will consult local areas about what they want to see from the total transformation of social care. We would like to hear from you if you have examples of evidence-based models of care that you think need to be part of the total transformation of social care and support.

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With thanks to Birmingham City Council, Shared Lives Plus, PPL and Clenton Farquharson

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