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Safeguarding audits

SCIE safeguarding audits get to the heart of what is helping or hindering good safeguarding in your organisation.

Why work with us?

Understanding how effective safeguarding is in your organisation, and making the improvements needed, is not straightforward. SCIE has a proven track record of supporting organisations to improve safeguarding, whatever stage they are at. To achieve this, a systems-learning approach is essential. So, our approach goes beyond more traditional compliance-based approaches to audit to understanding the wider context, structures and culture of your organisation. We help you to identify what is at the root of helping or hindering good safeguarding practice.

Our unique approach and experience mean that we can offer:

  • A beyond-compliance appraisal of your safeguarding systems and controls that draws on the perspectives of those with lived experience.
  • Local ownership of your improvement journey, building on the analysis, findings and considerations posed to you.
  • An in-depth understanding of the systemic factors at play in your organisation, using the expertise of auditors experienced in systems.

Our approach

We draw on a tried-and-tested audit methodology and range of tools that support an analytical approach to understanding safeguarding in your organisation which we use to generate the most useful systems learning. This will best equip you to drive sustainable and impactful change and improvements.


Create the team

We will support you to form both an audit team, who will support the gathering of data and drive the analysis and audit process, and a learning team who will support the translation of our findings into meaningful action.


Apply the model

This stage includes:

  • Document review
  • Reflective learning
  • Practice insight
  • Lived experience


Make the case

Through a series of workshops, we will support the development of a safeguarding improvement plan.


Bridge to delivery

SCIE will help you to start the process of translating your plan into meaningful change.

Benefits of a SCIE Safeguarding Audit

SCIE helps statutory and non-statutory organisations to:

  • understand what good practice looks like in your organisation
  • identify where things are working less well, what the barriers are to overcoming challenges
  • develop the insight you need to be confident that you meet or exceed your safeguarding requirements and responsibilities
  • develop a clear improvement programme.

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