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Supporting co-production

Practical examples of how co-production, user involvement and participation can help make health and social care services work better.

Experiences and understandings of co-production in adult social care: Findings from SCIE’s Co-production Survey 2023

Through the use of an online survey, we captured insights and experiences across various roles and levels of responsibility, to uncover valuable knowledge about the realities of co-production in adult social care.

Paying people who receive benefits: Co-production and involvement

This briefing for local authorities, charities and organisations that support people who use services and their carers, looks at how people and carers who receive state benefits can get involved in paid co-production, involvement, participation in health and social care, highlighting what they need to be aware of to avoid any loss of benefits.

Making events and meetings accessible

This web resource is for anyone who is organising an event and wants to make it accessible.

It is a practical handbook to make any event – whatever the size, whoever the participants – inclusive, so that everyone can take part in the way that best suits them.