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Care Act: Legal duties and impact on individuals

The Care Act 2014 is a key piece of legislation in the social care sector. SCIE has developed an online Care Act training resource with the Department of Health and Social Care, exploring duties around eight Care Act themes identified by Parliament’s Social Care Committee.

The training includes bite-sized videos identifying the social care practitioner legal duties and the impact of the legal duties on people in the community. This resource can be used as a refresher for more experienced social care practitioners and/or during the induction of newer social care practitioners.

A message from the Chief Social Worker for Adults

Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults, endorses these training videos on Care Act legal duties and their impact on individuals.

Promote individual wellbeing

This theme explores promoting individual wellbeing, the importance of focusing on the individual and what this means, and how and when we must promote individual wellbeing.

Prevent, reduce and delay needs

This theme explores the duty of prevent, reduce and delay needs, how it can be exercised and how it links with providing support, whilst exploring options and benefits of prevention.

Information and advice

This theme explores what are the Local Authority duties in relation to provision of information and advice, when the duties apply and how these duties can support individuals in the community.

Independent advocacy

This theme explores the legal duty of providing an independent advocate, the key role of an appropriate person and the importance of following the legal requirements for both.

Assessment of needs

This theme explores the key duties for the assessment of needs process, when do the duties apply and how to carry out an assessment of needs ensuring the legal duties are met.

Carer assessments

This theme explores the Care Act duties around carer assessments, including: who is a carer? What is a carer assessment? And how to carry out a carer assessment.

Determination of eligibility

This theme explores what determination of eligibility is, the legal duties from the Regulations, including an explanation of the legal terms and ‘myth busters’.

Needs, outcomes and care and support

This theme explores the difference between needs, outcomes and care and support, the different types and the relationship between them, in the individual’s journey in compliance with the Care Act.