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Pathway review

Work with SCIE to define and design a new resident pathway

Why work with us?

Ineffective or poorly designed or agreed or agreed pathways for residents can cause delays, confusion and unsatisfactory resident experience and tension between the partners in the local system. SCIE is experienced in supporting councils to develop new and innovative ways of working and to design new pathways that improve outcomes for residents and joint working between partners.

Our approach

SCIE employs a four-stage, appreciative approach. We work collaboratively with teams to build trust, strong team working and capability.


Create the team

Including senior sponsorship and a practice study team to drive our analysis.


Apply the model

Through a practice study comprising data from: day in life of stories; practice insight; reflective learning; and lived experience.


Make the case

Translating the practice study insights into a robust case for change and planning.


Bridge to delivery

To produce a next-steps plan for sustaining change.

Benefits of pathway review

Working with SCIE to review pathways and resident journeys, enables you to develop:

  • A clear joint understanding of aims for the pathway and the requirements on different partners.
  • Agreed steps, roles and responsibilities, policies, processes and procedures and “gates” to ensure residents receive an appropriate level of support.
  • Clarity on statutory and financial responsibilities of each of the partners.
  • Improved confidence in the delivery of the pathway with only exceptional need for dispute/complex case resolution.
  • Improved relationships, trust, and behaviours across the different partners and practice/operational teams – setting foundations for more integrated working in future.

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