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Safeguarding reviews

SCIE works with organisations to undertake safeguarding reviews rooted in our whole system, Learning Together methodology, this enables organisations to review and learn from individual cases.

Why work with us?

Whether your organisation works with children and young people, adults, or both, we can work with you to make sure that the correct measures are in place to safeguard them from harm or neglect.

SCIE’s Learning Together model is one of the most developed and tested systems-approach models available. This collaborative methodology aims to gain a deeper understanding of current local practice and cultivate an open, learning culture. Each review is bespoke, designed to fit your needs, the case(s) and circumstances.

Working with SCIE you will be able to draw on the most extensive range of expertise and experience available in one place. We have worked on some of the most complex, high-profile cases and across a wide range of settings.

Our approach

The core principles of Learning Together are fixed but the process is flexible.

The process involves individual conversations with key staff involved in the case (case group), planning and analysis meetings with senior managers and lead reviewers (review team) and joint meetings between review team and case group. A final report of the findings is presented at the end of the review.

We can also work with you to provide coaching on conducting that will enable you to build internal capacity and capabilities.

Benefits of SCIE Safeguarding Review

SCIE helps statutory and non-statutory organisations to:

  • build on good practice and identify where things are working less well, what the barriers are to overcoming challenges
  • build internal capacity by having staff trained and accredited in the approach
  • undertake a robust systems review using a core set of principles and analytic tools
  • learn from the content and findings of previous reviews.

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