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Commissioning for outcomes

At heart, commissioning is simply about working with people to improve lives. SCIE works with local government organisations to create transformational change in commissioning

Why work with us?

SCIE is uniquely placed to help councils diagnose and deliver the change the system needs. Drawing on our local and national insights, we help councils to apply the latest thinking on commissioning models and contracts. Our comprehensive commissioning strategy model, helps councils make the leap to a new model of commissioning, delivering better care and support outcomes that are financially sustainable.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on the commissioning capabilities that make the biggest difference:

  • Commissioning purpose
  • Lived experience
  • Skills and capacity
  • Insight and analysis
  • Relationships and connectivity
  • Innovation and learning
  • Delivery and effectiveness.


Create the team

Including data gathering, identifying senior sponsors and co-production.


Apply the model

Including workshops to explore diagnostic questions.


Make the case

Including developing a case for change based on the strengths and gaps identified in the strategy model, and an application of best practice Including developing a case for change based on the strengths and gaps identified in the strategy model, and an application of best practice models.


Bridge to delivery

Delivery workshop and next steps plan.

Benefits of new models of commissioning

The application of this strategic model results in a co-designed change plan which can provide a practical roadmap which supports a different approach to commissioning, based on local community assets and best practice and helps you to understand:

  • How to redesign contracts to facilitate strengths-based, person-centred care and support.
  • Whether you are harnessing the strengths of the whole system.
  • If you are delivering on your strategy and intentions.

Case study: South Tyneside – strategic review of the Joint Commissioning Unit (JCU)

SCIE undertook a full diagnostic and change plan for adults and children’s commissioning in South Tyneside, across health and care, applying SCIE’s strategy model and involving providers and people with lived experience.

The project aims were:

1. Conduct a strategic review of South Tyneside’s Commissioning Strategy and plans across the life course, to include: residential care; home care; supported living and extra care; including information, advise and advocacy. The review will engage local place based partners to identify strengths, weaknesses and development areas in relation to:

  • Needs analysis
  • Market shaping
  • Co-production
  • Developing commissioning priorities
  • Contracting
  • Evaluation
  • Skills, capabilities and resources.

2. Support the review of the current structure, roles and functions of the joint commissioning unit.

3. Develop a detailed change plan which clarifies short-, medium- and long-term actions in relation to the overall strategy, skills, capabilities and staffing, systems, processes and approaches.

The review identified a number of important improvements and changes to the operation of the JCU and subsequently we worked with the Council to support the development of a new structure for the commissioning function and ensure that changes were agreed with the ICB. Activities included:

  • Supporting discussions with the ICB on future, role, and purpose of the JCU;
  • Supporting with the new organisational design of the JCU including the design of management layers and team structures/grades;
  • Supporting the design arrangements for “matrix-management” working (covering geography and key commissioning themes); and
  • Supporting the development of the approach to implementation.

We designed our work collaboratively to ensure the following elements were addressed: 

  • Needs analysis
  • Market shaping  
  • Co-production 
  • Developing commissioning priorities 
  • Contracting 
  • Evaluation.

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