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Early intervention and prevention

Work with SCIE to develop the way you make decisions about prevention in social care

Why work with us?

Adult social care is under ever-increasing pressure to provide efficient and effective services to a growing adult population, with complex and varied care and support needs. Our support enables you to focus on preventative and targeted decision making that provides support where it’s needed most. SCIE works with councils to identify key risks and future demands for their specific population.

Our approach

We bring expertise and experience in commissioning, practice, strategy and change management, employing a four-stage, appreciative approach. We work collaboratively with teams to build trust, strong team working and capability.


Create the team

Including senior sponsorship and a practice study team to drive our analysis.


Apply the model

Through a practice study comprising data from: day in life of stories; practice insight; reflective learning; and lived experience.


Make the case

Translating the practice study insights into a robust case for change and planning.


Bridge to delivery

To produce a next-steps plan for sustaining change.

Benefits of early intervention and prevention

Working with SCIE to develop your decision-making around prevention and early intervention, enables you to:

  • pinpoint opportunities for preventative, early support interventions
  • highlight effective interventions to reduce admissions to hospital and residential care
  • target practitioners’ time effectively, to the most at-risk groups
  • build practitioners’ capabilities to inform targeted strengths-based practice
  • create the building blocks to underpin planning of future targeted interventions.

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