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Webinars on integration

Hosted by SCIE for NHS England

This webinar series looks at Integrated Care System (ICS) development, including the information, guidance and tools being prepared for publication as part of the NHS England ICS Implementation Programme; and sharing good practice and learning. See below for the latest one to sign up to; or access recordings on all past webinars.

Webinar: Role of integrated care systems in developing and delivering virtual wards

1 February 2024 12:00 noon – 13:30 pm

This webinar, run by the System Transformation team at NHS England, hosted by SCIE, explores how virtual wards allow patients who otherwise would be in hospital to receive acute care, monitoring and treatment at home.

How to ensure Integrated Care Systems focus on prevention?

Recorded 04 December 2023.

Prevention is crucial to improving the health of the whole population, and helping secure the health and social care services we all value and rely on. This webinar looks to rngage with ICSs and other health and social care leaders on the significance and benefits of prioritising prevention and shifting resource upstream.



One year post ICS establishment


This webinar looks to amplify the voice of people and communities. It explores the importance of working with people and communities by providing practical examples of how this has been undertaken, the skills required and the benefits this brings.

Clinical and care leadership. Exploring professional identity and the possible challenges and opportunities


The webinar considered the concept of ‘system thinking’; what it means, why it matters, and how a move away from traditional leadership, cultures and ways of working can support integrated care.

Developing compassionate, inclusive and collective culture in integrated care systems


The latest webinar in the integrated care webinar series, run by the NHS England and hosted by SCIE, is on approaches to developing compassionate, inclusive and collective culture in integrated care systems.

Approaches to reducing health inequalities to tackle elective recovery


The latest webinar in the integrated care webinar series. The System Transformation team at NHS England discusses approaches to reducing health inequalities to tackle elective recovery.

System Transformation Team – Provider collaboratives


How provider collaboratives will support the work of ICSs; the numbers of collaboratives and what they are focused on; and first-hand examples of the work and achievements of provider collaboratives.

Integrated care systems, digital and data

Recorded .

Discussing opportunities for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) with digital and data. Includes a summary of the vision and roadmap for NHS frontline digitisation.

How are ICSs uniquely placed to address health inequalities?

Recorded .

This webinar will explore how ICSs can deliver this ambition and use their new structures and leadership to make a step change in how we address health inequalities.

Delivering best value through system collaboration

Recorded .

This webinar offers an overview of the financial framework – underpinning Integrated Care Systems.

Improving the quality of care through ICSs

Recorded .

This webinar summarises the National Quality Board’s Guidance on System Quality Groups.

Voluntary sector partnerships and Integrated Care Systems

Recorded .

This webinar examines the vital cornerstone of Integrated Care Systems and voluntary sector partnerships.

Thriving places – Delivering services with and for our communities

Recorded .

This webinar examines some of the wider determinants that influence the health of our populations.

Effective Clinical and Care Professional Leadership Guidance

Recorded .

This webinar explores clinical and professional guidance within Integrated Care Systems.

The benefits, capabilities and governance of Provider Collaboratives

Recorded .

This webinar looks at the benefits, capabilities and governance of Provider Collaboratives.

The next practical steps for Integrated Care Systems

Recorded .

This webinar looks at the practical next steps for ICS development.

ICSs and people empowerment – how can we effectively give service users better control over their own health and care?

Recorded .

This webinar looks at the role of ICSs in enabling people to gain more control over their own health and care – ensuring patients are at the heart of health and care services.

The opportunities for systems to improve patient outcomes using digital and data

Recorded .

This webinar looks at how systems can bring together digital transformation and population health management to improve patient outcomes, and support partnership working.

Provider collaboration at scale: what is it, what are the opportunities and how do we get there?

Recorded .

This webinar explores what we mean by provider collaboration at scale; and what the role of a provider collaborative is in helping to join up services across systems, between places.

Harnessing health and housing support to improve population health

Recorded .

This webinar discusses the impact of housing and health related issues and how partnership working between health, local government, housing and other agencies can support improved care and health outcomes.

The future of place – planning recovery in partnership

Recorded .

This webinar will look at the future of place and how to galvanise place-based partnerships that support Integrated Care System (ICS) to develop and help plan towards recovery from COVID-19.

Building back from COVID-19: tackling health inequality in partnership

Recorded .

This webinar supports Integrated Care System (ICS) development, and explores how systems can work in partnership at this crucial time.

Building trusted relationships in integrated care systems

Recorded .

SCIE hosted this webinar for NHS England and NHS Improvement to hear about experiences of senior system leaders.