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Co-production consultancy support

We build local capability and capacity to ensure that co-production is embedded and sustainable.

Why work with us?

SCIE believes the role of co-production is fundamental to social care and the building of engaged and resilient communities and Local Authorities. The role of co-production is critical to supporting the delivery of the new Adult Social Care reforms and supporting CQC assurance.

Our starting point is that meaningful co-production with people who draw on services and carers is central to developing quality services which improve outcomes and create efficiencies.

Our work is based on the latest evidence and our extensive experience about what works to embed co-production in complex organisations

Our approach

Co-production is working well where people within organisations have a clear direction, sense of purpose and the principles of co-production are embedded within the narrative and vision of the organisation. To achieve this, SCIE employs a four-stage approach that identifies a baseline of co-production from an individual, organisational and system level and recommends solutions to build co-production infrastructure and support using a range of diagnostic tools.


Create the team

Including senior sponsorship and a practice study team to drive our analysis.


Apply the model

Through a practice study comprising data from: day in life of stories; practice insight; reflective learning; and lived experience.


Make the case

Translating the practice study insights into a robust case for change and planning.


Bridge to delivery

To produce a next-steps plan for sustaining change.

Benefits of SCIE’s co-production support

SCIE’s work shows an opportunity to improve impact for people, professionals, organisations and the system when enabling and embedding co-production:


  • Move forward towards best practice with co-production in an aligned fashion.
  • Build the evidence base for change at the strategic and practice level.
  • Evaluate the impact and outcomes of co-production and identify efficiencies delivered through co-produced services.
  • Develop co-production in service design, commissioning and delivery.

Case study: Kirklees Council – Development of co-production vision and plan

Kirklees Council has asked SCIE to help it develop and deliver a new vision for co-production in adult social care. SCIE has been asked to work with the authority’s Co-production Steering Group.

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