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Co-production training and resources for health and social care managers commissioners, frontline practitioners, people who use services and carers. Improve participation and co-production with people who use services and carers to develop and deliver better social care and health provision.

New April 2024: Co-production impact

What it is, how to do it?

Guide to define co-production, show it in action and explain how it works in practice to improve services.

Difference co-production makes in social care

Report looking at how we are developing our understanding of the difference co-production makes in social care.

Supporting co-production

Practical resources to support you in undertaking co-production.

Practice examples

This resource provides good practice examples including case studies and scenarios of co-production in social care and beyond.

Social model of disability and co-production

The social model of disability and co-production share the same values. SCIE’s Co-production Steering Group discuss the social model of disability and what it means to them.

Co-production at SCIE

Co-production is at the heart of SCIE’s work. This includes the Co-production Network Charter and National Co-production week.