SCIE Knowledge review 09: Learning and teaching in social work education: Textbooks and frameworks on assessment

By Beth Crisp, Mark Anderson, Joan Orme and Pam Green Lister

Published: April 2005


In 2003, SCIE published Knowledge review 01: Learning and teaching assessment skills in social work education report. This previous knowledge review was primarily focused on how learning and teaching occurred in the classroom and in practice learning settings. In the conclusion, the authors noted that learning and teaching about assessment can occur through other mediums, and noted the potential of textbooks and assessment frameworks.

Textbooks tend to be criticised for their lack of depth but, because of their wide readership, they are highly influential on students and practitioners. However, over the last decade or so, assessment has increasingly involved the use of standardised frameworks.


This review seeks to determine what social work students might learn about assessment from textbooks and frameworks. It aims to be a resource for social work educators in developing a curriculum and selecting textbooks.


The knowledge review is for social work educators who are responsible for teaching assessment, especially those who are responsible for developing the curriculum and selecting textbooks. Some of the findings will have implications for educators who write textbooks and assessment frameworks. It may also be of interest to students, practitioners and service users.

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