SCIE Position paper 05: Working together: Carer participation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

By Alan Roulstone, Val Hudson, Jeremy Kearney and Ailsa Martin, with Jon Warren

Published: June 2006


The government has increasingly recognised the contribution that carers make to society through new legislation. Carers' involvement in the improvement of health and social care services in the UK is also a central part of the government's modernisation agenda. However, while carer participation and involvement is clearly on the agenda, the extent to which it is functioning and monitored and to which it impacts on the lives of carers is unclear.


The paper aims to identify what is happening in the social care sector with the involvement of carers and the impact participation has had on service improvement. It complements Position paper 3: Has service user involvement made a difference to social care services?


The position paper is intended to help social services providers to work better with carers to develop social care services.

Messages from the position paper

What is not working well

What is working well


The position paper shows that more needs to be known about: