Sustainable social care programme

SCIE has led the way in promoting sustainable development across social care and is now collaborating with the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) to share learning between the health and care sectors for mutual benefit. Following extensive engagement and with SCIE's support, the SDU's remit now encompasses the whole health, public health and social care system. SCIE contributed to the development of the SDU's national Sustainable development strategy for the NHS, public health and social care system 2014–2020 which features good practice from social care and recommendations for further action.

Through its Sustainable Social Care programme (2009–12), SCIE demonstrated how to embed a balanced approach to social, economic and environmental factors in the commissioning and delivery of adult social care. This included specific consideration of climate change because of its impacts on services and people who use them. The programme was funded by the Department of Health.

The programme:

The Sustainable Development Strategy for the Health and Social Care System 2014–2020

This first whole-system strategy describes the vision for a sustainable health and care system by reducing carbon emissions, protecting natural resources, preparing communities for extreme weather events and promoting healthy lifestyles and environments. It describes the opportunities to reduce our environmental impacts, improve our natural environment, increase readiness for changing times and climates and strengthen social cohesion. The main strategy is supported by eight modules providing further detail including implementation guidance.