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Personalisation and sustainability

Doing more and better for less

Two reports based on research co-sponsored by SCIE:

Mainstreaming sustainable development in social care


Presentations from SCIE’s national Sustainable Social Care conference, covering topics including risk and resilience, co-production, and the role of the voluntary and community sector.

Presentation to the Department of Health’s Voluntary Sector Strategic Partners Forum, providing an overview of the programme, issues, and opportunities for the future (November 2011).

Presentation at the Local Government Improvement and Development Healthy Communities ‘Building on the Past, Shaping the Future Together’ conference, setting out drivers and opportunities for action on climate change in the context of the health and social care reforms (November 2011).

Other resources

Sustainable Development Unit

The SDU website contains evidence and resources for health and social care to plan, measure, evaluate and engage in sustainable development. This includes a bank of case studies.

Social care, health services and climate change

Local, voluntary sector and user-led action on climate change

Sustainable procurement: further information and resources

Sustainable living environments: further information and resources