Barriers to personalising autism services

Autistic people who used a personal budget were generally positive about the personalisation of their social care, with over 80 per cent viewing the budget as working well, or well ‘to some extent’.[13] However, until recently, very few autistic people had access to a personal budget, and further research will be needed to see how successfully they are implemented under the Care Act 2014.

Various barriers to personalisation were cited by people in our research:[13]

These concerns reflect wider anxieties about how people with autism will be affected by personalisation. Certainly there are barriers:

Research [83] found that person-centred working can also be hampered by inflexibility within systems, poor communication between agencies and with those who use services and their families, and ever-tighter financial restrictions. Families have expressed the view that there is a danger that personalisation can fail to focus on the person within their social circle, and leaves parents and siblings feeling cut off from those receiving support.[84]