Care Act training: carer assessments

This theme explores the Care Act duties around carer assessments, including: who is a carer? What is a carer assessment? And how to carry out a carer assessment.

Training videos

What are carer assessments?

Who are carers?

Carrying out carer assessments

Key messages

What is a carer assessment?

Who is a carer?

How to do carer assessments?

Reflective questions

Find below a set of reflective questions that will help you embed the above key messages in your social care practice.

  1. Have I fully explained the purpose of a carer assessment, and given the carer enough time and information about how to prepare for the assessment?
  2. Have I offered the carer the opportunity to have the assessment at a time and place to suit them? Have I checked whether their preference is to have the assessment alone or with family or friends present, and with or without the person they care for?
  3. During the assessment did I ask open-ended questions and listen for, and check, how the carer is feeling about their caring responsibilities now and in the future, and how these may impact on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and opportunities to participate in work, education, training and recreation, and family time.
  4. During the assessment did I ensure that the carer leads the conversation around their needs and has the opportunity to be fully involved in identifying their options and decision-making?
  5. Am I clear about who is a carer? Have I asked the right questions to ensure I understand the whole picture and what support the carer needs to carry out their caring role? Am I open to the carer’s suggestions about the support they need?

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