Care Act training: independent advocacy

This theme explores the legal duty of providing an independent advocate, the key role of an appropriate person and the importance of following the legal requirements for both.

Training videos

What is independent advocacy?

What is an appropriate person?

The outcomes of independent advocacy

Key messages

Independent advocacy – legal duty

Independent advocacy or appropriate person role


Appropriate person


Reflective questions

Find below a set of reflective questions that will help you embed the above key messages in your social care practice.

  1. Have I professionally considered if the adult/carer has a substantial difficulty getting involved in the process?
  2. Have I followed the legal criteria in selecting/agreeing an appropriate person?
  3. Have I ensured that the independent advocate/appropriate person have maximised the individual’s involvement in the process?
  4. Do I know the differences between different types of advocates? Have I found information or reached out to ensure that the adult/carer has the right type(s)?
  5. Have I been flexible and open to support the adult/carer with an independent advocate at any stage of the process, and as soon as the need is identified?

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