Care Act training: information and advice

This theme explores what are the Local Authority duties in relation to provision of information and advice, when the duties apply and how these duties can support individuals in the community.

Training videos

What is the information and advice duty?

What information and advice must be provided?

More about what information and advice must be provided?

Key messages

What is the duty?

What is information and advice?

Why this duty?

When does it apply?


Reflective questions

Find below a set of reflective questions that will help you embed the above key messages in your social care practice.

  1. Do I know where to look for relevant information which may be useful for individuals that I support?
  2. Did I ask the individual what is the best way for them to be provided with information, so that it is accessible and useful to them?
  3. Have I provided appropriate and proportionate information to an individual to enable them to understand the processes, the opportunities, and to make an informed choice?
  4. Has my information and advice been sufficient to enable the individual to lead as much as possible in any process?
  5. Have I checked that the individual is able to take action on the information provided without any further support from me?
  6. Have I listened to what the individual has said to me and provided advice based on their circumstances, with a view to enabling them to achieve the purpose of their contact with me?
  7. Even though an individual’s enquiry may not relate to an area of practice for which I am responsible, have I shared information and given advice, and checked that the individual is able to progress the information and advice without any further support from me?

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