Care Act training: promote individual wellbeing

This theme explores promoting individual wellbeing, the importance of focusing on the individual and what this means, and how and when we must promote individual wellbeing.

Training videos

What is individual wellbeing?

How can we promote individual wellbeing?

Outcomes of promoting individual wellbeing

Key messages

What is the legal duty?

What is individual wellbeing?

When do we have to promote individual wellbeing?

What does promoting individual wellbeing look like?

Outcomes of promoting individual wellbeing

Reflective questions

Find below a set of reflective questions that will help you embed the above key messages in your social care practice.

  1. Am I clear on what the nine areas of wellbeing are and the broadness of their reach?
  2. Am I ensuring that in any intervention/interaction with an individual (i.e. carer/adult) that I am exploring proportionately the nine areas of wellbeing?
  3. When undertaking an assessment of needs or carer assessment, am I exploring the adult/carer needs around the nine areas of wellbeing and the adult/carer’s personal outcomes around the nine areas of wellbeing?
  4. When determining eligibility, do I have enough evidence in my assessment to respond to whether the inability to achieve specified outcomes has or has not had a significant impact on the individual’s wellbeing?
  5. Have I given the adult/carer a fair opportunity to explain what wellbeing means to them? Am I making any assumptions based on illness, impairment, disability, etc.?
  6. Have I been able to capture in my recording the individual’s sense of wellbeing? Have I got the individual’s feedback on this?

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