Background to the evaluation of the Care Assistant Development Programme

Learning from early implementation – SCIE evaluation report for HC-One

The Care Assistant Development Programme

HC-One has created a new role called a nursing assistant that sits between a senior carer and a qualified nurse. The new staffing model is implemented through the CADP.

The overall objective of the CADP is to improve the quality of care received by residents, by reducing the use of agency nurses within HC-One homes, whilst up-skilling their existing workforce and providing a progression route for care staff.

A comprehensive learning and development programme has been designed by HC-One and subsequently accredited by the Royal College of Nursing to prepare senior carers for the nursing assistant role. The Programme is delivered through a blend of online and face-to-face training. Each nursing assistant is mentored through the Programme by a qualified nurse who oversees them undertaking agreed clinical interventions.

Evaluation methodology

The evaluation was carried out using a range of methods and took a formative approach whereby findings were shared with HC-One as they emerged. This report draws on:

This is a final report and focuses on recruitment to the Programme, how the programme was communicated, implementation of the role, emerging impacts of the Programme and future aspirations.