Caring safely at home: Everyday support

These videos are designed for people looking after someone at home. They give you practical and relevant information to support you day to day.

Every day care at home:


This video discusses ways you can support the person you are caring for when they have constipation.

Every day care at home: Women cleaning tongue

Mouth care

A clean, moist and pain-free mouth is a basic requirement. This gives a brief overview of how to look after for someone’s mouth.

Black women smiling

Mental health first aid

This video gives you some tips to help you support the person you looking after with mental health problems.

Patient transport

Patient transport service

This video describes what a patient transport service is and when it can be used.

Older couple

Compression stockings

Learn more about what compression stockings are and how to put them on.

Women painting

Looking after a catheter

This video discusses what a catheter is and tips to look after it appropriately.