Caring safely at home: Infection control

These videos are designed for unpaid carers (or informal) who are caring for firends and family at home. They give you and the person you care for practical and relevant information to support you day to day.

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This section covers:

Infections are caused by germs such as bacteria and infection control is the term used to describe the measures we can take to prevent harm caused by infections. The following videos are designed to support you in preventing any spread.

How do infections spread?

To understand how to prevent infections, we need to understand how they spread. Watch this video for more information.

The chain of infection

This video discusses the path germs can take to move from one person to the next – this is known as the chain of infection.


Frequent hand washing and good hand hygiene is an essential method to control infection in any setting.

Coronavirus top tips

Good infection control is key to preventing the spread of coronavirus. This video walks through some top tips