Recommendation from Under 18, Looked after Children ‘in care’

  1. Don’t judge us.
  2. Don’t leave us waiting for help or without information on decisions that affect us. We want to be involved in what’s happening in our lives.
  3. If someone gets told they have mental health problems – give them time and space to think about it alone, or process with a friend/carer. We need time.
  4. Remember we are still young people.
  5. Don’t treat us differently because we are in care.
  6. Remove barriers accessing mental health services. This includes access, location, waiting times and information about how the service can help.
  7. Let young people be involved in deciding what they want or how they receive help.
  8. Social workers should be trained in life story work, talking therapies and anger management.
  9. If a young person has more complex needs, they should have access to more advanced therapy. But if social workers were trained in life story work, therapy and anger management then a lot of issues would be resolved.
  10. Not everything is an issue or problem – sometimes young people just need help to take stock and to speak about things.
  11. Young people need love and kindness, interventions should be tailored to this.