What young people in care think about mental health

During the course of the project we have engaged with over 60 young people and we intend to continue. In order to foster an inclusive environment we have used acatalogue of multisensory methods to ensure that we cater for the range of emotional literacy within the cohort. This has included creative collaging; sketching; verbal discussions; drama; flash voting; film and photography.

Every session we facilitate involves young people being asked a question and then being provided with the choice of which method they would like to contribute by. The group is always brought back together to share via their platform what they have created or discussed which then allows for flash voting to gain a group consensus and/or understanding of the overall views.

This visual guide is from a session with 35 young people who were from foster care, leaving care and adopted. We asked:

  • What support they want if they were having a challenging day with their mental support
  • How this support could be best delivered and what it should look like.
  • What would you like adults who care for you to know

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Mental health