Learning Together three day foundation course

The three-day course lays the foundations for an understanding of systems thinking and its application in the conduct of a Learning Together case review (SCIE: Fish, Munro and Bairstow 2008).

Day one provides an introduction to the background theory and key principles for application.

Day two focuses on data generation and analysis, framed by qualitative research methods.

Day three addresses the formulation of findings to support learning and improvement.


SCIE suggest boards and member agencies take time to prepare for the course by selecting example reports and spending some time in background reading. SCIE will offer advice on suitable material to read.


The course is aimed at:

  • safeguarding board chairs and members – to provide a thorough grounding in the approach to support intelligent commissioning and effective response to case review findings.
  • people who will have a hands on role in case reviews and serious case reviews, representing their agencies as ‘review team’ members – to provide a thorough grounding in the approach to support its application
  • inspectorates and their staff
  • those wishing to go on to become accredited lead reviewers – a further period of supervision and quality assurance from SCIE is available subsequent to the foundation course.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have gained:

  • an understanding of the theory underpinning the Learning Together model
  • an understanding of the ‘methodological heart’ of the model, and how this affects the case review process
  • a familiarity with key analytic tools used in the process
  • an understanding of the key sections of the final report and their purpose.

Reviewers who complete the foundation Course can receive mentoring from an accredited and experienced lead reviewer.