Learning Together mentoring

We offer mentoring support to trainee lead reviewers. Our mentor scheme is run by an accredited and experienced lead reviewer who can work with up to two candidates who have participated in the three-day foundation course.

They will guide and support your internal candidates as they put their learning into practice for the first time, leading the conduct of a Learning Together case review.

Your course mentor will:

  • provide learning support for trainees, reiterating the methodological heart of the model and encouraging self-reflection
  • guide trainees through the review process, collaborating as a partner but also supporting them to ‘do the doing’
  • mediate relationships between trainees, review teams and boards.

Learning outcomes

Supplementing the Learning Together foundation course with the mentoring option of a case review, will allow the board to:

  • grow your own internal accredited Lead Reviewers equipped to lead systems audits and case reviews that do not meet the criteria for an independently led SCR
  • continue any reciprocal arrangements for providing independent leads for SCRs to neighbouring boards
  • arrange for internal lead reviewers to work with independent reviewers on SCRs and so ensure local ownership of findings and responses
  • support creative local leadership of learning and improvement activities
  • increase your capacity to ensure consistency across the local learning and improvement framework so that findings from different activities can be integrated
  • provide supplementary expertise and support to staff trained to foundation level, who are likely to be part of review teams on specific cases.