Learning Together reviews

Choosing the right Learning Together review option for you

The core principles of Learning Together are fixed but the process is flexible. The list below indicates some of the range of Learning Together reviews that are being developed. Key differences are described here but all can be adapted and customised to fit your individual need.
The fuller the review, the stronger the evidence base that will underpin the findings.

For serious case reviews, we recommend starting from the assumption that you will need a full review. All options result in a final report which captures findings and/or indicative findings.


The full Learning Together process involves individual conversations with all key staff involved in the case (case group), approximately five planning and analysis meetings of senior managers and lead reviewers (review team) and two joint meetings between review team and case group. It is usually spread out evenly over a six month period.


This involves all aspects of the full Learning Together process arranged around two key blocks of activity. With appropriate lead in time, it can be completed within a shorter time period.


Based on the peer review model, this involves all aspects of the full Learning Together process completed within a single week, plus or minus an additional meeting to review the findings. Report writing time is in addition. This requires significant lead in time.


This involves a limited number of conversations with frontline staff, usually not more than six. There are often fewer meetings of the review team and case group.


Revolves around a one-day event for all involved staff. There are no individual conversations and a limited number of review team planning and analysis meetings. Report writing takes place afterwards.


Blending audit and review, this incorporates breadth and depth of learning. It is a two staged process which starts with case file auditing on a theme and is then supplemented by a focused review or reviews. This can be single or multi-agency.

The principle of involving families in all reviews needs to be considered and arranged in accordance with individual circumstances.