Independent reviewers


There is an increase in demand for independent reviewers who have experience in using a systems approach as highlighted in the Munro Review of Child Protection (2011) and required in statutory guidance. For consultants wanting to expand their consultancy offer around conducting case reviews using a systems approach, SCIE will support you to become trained and accredited.

All SCIE accredited reviewers automatically have access to the Learning Together Methodological Network which provides the opportunity to meet others in regular network meetings; equates to a community of practice; supports on-going professional development and contributes to the evaluation and development of the model and its application.

How to become a Learning Together reviewer

It is best to do this in conjunction with a safeguarding board, or equivalent, that is working to build capacity at local level by accrediting their own lead reviewers.

SCIE may periodically run programmes for independent reviewers to enable them to become accredited. Information will appear on this site as available.