Journeys through the care system

What is the video about?

The care leavers in this film talk about how they came into care and their journey through the care system

Messages for practice

  1. People enter care for different reasons and by different routes.
  2. The memory of how a person enters care, what leads up to it and how it takes place, lasts a lifetime.
  3. Being in care can make you feel different to those who is not.
  4. When in care and and afterwards people cope in different ways.
  5. Supportive adults like teachers, social workers and counsellors can make a real difference.
  6. Care leavers still need support after leaving care

Who will find this useful?

Social workers, team leaders, care leavers' organisations, care- experienced young people, care leavers, directors of Children Services, teachers, counsellors, foster carers, adopters, MPs, local councillors and Local Children’s Safeguarding Boards