Making of the care leavers stories’ project

What is the video about?

The making of the care leavers stories films.

Messages for practice

  1. Care leavers' voices are not heard and this project aimed to address this issue.
  2. A lot of thought was given to making the project a safe and supportive experience of everyone involved.
  3. As the interviewers were specially trained care leavers, the resulting interviews are especially rich and honest.
  4. Care leavers welcomed the opportunity to talk about their experiences.
  5. It is important to see people's experience of care in the context of their whole lives.

Who will find this useful?

Social workers, Care leavers organisations, Care experienced young people, Care leavers, Directors of Children Services, Teachers, Counsellors, Foster carers, Adopters, MPs, Local Councillors, Local Children’s Safeguarding Boards