Reflections on being in care

What is the video about?

The care leavers in this film share their experiences of being in care.

Messages for practice

  1. Children in care can benefit greatly from a supportive advocate and from talking to someone who gets to know them and their experiences; both at the time of care and when adults
  2. Sensitive and skilled care workers can make a very positive difference to people's lives.
  3. Children in care invest a great deal of importance and emotion into relationships with care workers they feel they can trust.
  4. Being in care can have a profound emotional impact on carers which are not often understood.
  5. Many care leavers choose professions that enabe them to use their expereinces to support other people.

Who will find this useful?

Social workers, Care wokers, Care leavers organisations, Care experienced young people, Care leavers, Directors of Children Services, Teachers, Counsellors, Foster carers, Adopters, MPs, Local Councillors, Local Children’s Safeguarding Boards