Webinar recording: Relationship-based social work needs relationship-based systems

This webinar, originally held in September 2019, explored the development of relationship-based practice in Local Authority children’s social work.

Relationship-based social work isn’t a new phenomenon; most if not all social workers aspire to forge strong connections with the people they work alongside. Social workers have been trained and supported to build trusting relationships. Yet what is perhaps not as common is relationships being the core of service design and delivery and the importance of relationships permeating through the whole system.

There now seems to be a move towards connecting the dots. There is a commitment to bringing together and drawing attention to those parts of the country who are delivering relationship-based systems. The London Borough of Camden is showing what a relational approach from the top down and the bottom up can achieve. There is evidence of a sharing of power and credible collaboration. Using key principles of systemic family therapy Camden is delivering a strengths-based approach by building an organisation where professionals, families and citizens work together to create a service which is kind, compassionate and collaborative.

SCIE has published an article about this area of development in the sector and the London Borough of Camden has recently shared an example of innovative practice with Camden Conversations.

This webinar recording offers an opportunity to hear more about the work of Camden as well as the wider developments in practice across the country.

Over the course of the hour, we covered:

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Co-production in children’s social care

It was great to see the passion and commitment to relationship-based practice and co-production from the comments in the chat box. SCIE shares this passion and we are keen to continue championing power being shared with children and families in children’s social care. If you are interested in continuing the conversation with SCIE and are thinking about how your own practice or organisation can develop a relationship-based and co-productive system, please do get in touch.

Contact Ryan, via our feedback form, who will be delighted to speak with you.

One comment from the chat box to leave you with...

Every step that empowers family members is a step to change the culture within the organisations where we work. Be passionate about it.