Photo of Lyn RomeoI am very pleased to introduce this guidance to help social workers and others involved in working with young people with learning disabilities.

The challenge for us is to move away from idea of systems – that children supported by children’s social care services just need a process to transition to support and arrangements from adult social care to achieve the best possible adulthood.

Instead we need to focus on relationship and strengths-based practice and facilitating wide-ranging support for children and families to help them achieve independence as adults – a planned progression. I asked SCIE to develop this work because such good practice in helping people to move to adulthood has emerged as a theme in the Named Social Worker programme that has been piloted. I was also aware that some of the existing guidance on transition was not up to date.

I am pleased then that the sector now has a comprehensive and up-to-date guide on supporting children with learning disabilities into adulthood, and that the contribution that excellent social work practice can make in improving people’s lives is getting a much-needed focus.

Lyn Romeo
Chief Social Worker for Adults

Preparing for adulthood: The role of social workers
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