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Supporting Each Other Equals Power! – Model

There were two very important things about the project:

  • The project was led and carried out by people with learning difficulties.
  • The project supported the whole person. It gave people social, emotional, and practical support.

The project was carried out using a co-production way of working


Here, this means that organisations are working together in an active way. They do this to make sure people with learning difficulties have the power to support each other.

People First Self Advocacy and Breaking Out of the Bubble are organisations that are run by people with learning difficulties.

Staff with learning difficulties from these organisations led and carried out the project.

The project had lots of steering group meetings. Here, the three groups talked and agreed what to do.

Steering group

This is a group that looks at what is most important for a project, what a project should be doing and pushing for.

In this report, we call the staff members who carried out the project peer supporters. These staff members have learning difficulties.

Peer support

This means when people with learning difficulties use their own experiences to help each other.

Peer supporters

This means our staff members who have learning difficulties. In this project, they used their experiences to support other people with learning difficulties.

The people with learning difficulties that the project supported are called the clients.

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