Webinar: Impact of co-production

For Co-production Week 2022

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This July sees the seventh annual Co-production Week. From 2016 we’ve run the week to highlight the vital contribution that people, who draw on care and support services make. And that’s what co-production is all about: Putting people right at the heart of the decisions that are made about them.

It’s good to ‘talk the talk’ about co-production, ‘participation’ and ‘engagement’, but is it having any impact on the ground? So for co-production week, we’re sharing new information about the benefits and impact of co-production. This is important because there have been few attempts to systematically collect evidence on co-production’s impact.


This webinar looks at the impact of co-production and it’s your chance to put questions to SCIE’s Sharon Stevens, who’s a Senior Information Specialist. We’re also joined by Patrick Wood, Chair of the SCIE Co-production Steering Group Chair.

Look out for other activities during Co-production Week 2022. For those of you who aren’t so well acquainted with co-production, there will be a podcast on what co-production is.

Webinar: The impact of co-production

Tuesday 05 July 2022, 11:30

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