Consultancy support on co-producing services

SCIE are experts on co-production. Co-production is about professionals working in equal partnerships with people who use services and carers toward shared goals.

It means the engagement of those who use care and support services at all stages of planning, delivery and review.

We were nervous about how to approach co-production but SCIE’s engaging and positive approach has helped us make excellent progress.

Lisa Gregory, Head of Engagement Oxfordshire County Council.

We can help you to:

Co-production is about developing equal partnerships between people who use services, carers and professionals. Co-production can help with the implementation of the Care Act 2014; it encourages cost-effective services; and looks to providing improved user and carer experience of services. Co-production can be a slippery concept which is tricky to understand and hard to implement in practice. We can help you to make it work.

Co-production from SCIE

Our services include:

Co-production consultants and partners

All our co-production consultancy is delivered by highly experienced and knowledgable SCIE staff working alongside members of our co-production network. All consultants have direct experience of using social care services. We tailor our services to meet your requirements, timescale and budget. SCIE consultants include Tina Coldham, Chair of SCIE's Co-Production Network & SCIE trustee, Pete Fleischmann, SCIE’s Head of Co-production and Michael Turner, SCIE Co-production Support Manager.

SCIE’s co-production network includes 75 organisations and individuals with a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. The network is very diverse, covers a very wide range of client groups including seldom heard groups. If appropriate members of the network can contribute their specialist skills and contracts to consultancy contracts.

Co-production clients