Person-centred integrated care

Consultancy support on integrating health and care systems

SCIE helps government departments, local systems and individual organisations to:

SCIE are helping the local area establish a strategic vision and plan of action that will guide the transformation and integration of care and support locally. We welcome SCIE's expertise, insights and ability to work across the system.

Martin Farran, Director of Adult Services and Health, Liverpool City Council

Our approach

Local health and care systems should be person-centred – not service or system-centred. That’s our starting point.

Our work is based on knowledge about what works to support effective integration that delivers person-centred, coordinated care.

Integrated care services

Diagnostics and analytics

We use our DHSC/NHS England-endorsed Logic Model to diagnose where local areas are on their journey towards integrated care. Our analysts work with you to identify areas for improvement and action.

Evidence-based strategies and plans

We help local partners draw up strategies and plans for person-centred integrated care based on the latest evidence.


We build local capability and capacity to co-produce plans with people who use services and carers.

Whole-system facilitation and action planning

Drawing on our experience of running CQC Local Systems Reviews Summits, we facilitate cross-system events to agree ways forward.

Integrated care clients

We provide support on integrated care to a range of national, regional and local clients. Some of our clients are listed below.

Croydon CCG, Croydon Council and Croydon Healthcare Services – local authority and health services

Exploring options for future health and social care devolution and integration
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SCIE and PPL were commissioned to identify opportunities for health devolution and integration in Croydon and to recommend leadership and governance mechanisms to support the new model of care.

NHS England

Supporting Evaluation of Personalised Care – Phase 2

NHS England has commissioned SCIE to provide advice on the evaluation of integrated accelerator pilots and its programme of personalised care demonstrator site to take place between late September and the end of March 2019.

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NHS Leadership Academy

Research on Systems Leadership in Integrated Care Systems
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SCIE has conducted research into what supports good systems leadership in integrated care systems (ICSs). The research involved interviews with 20 systems leaders in ICSs and a review of the latest literature. This research will inform the Leadership Academy’s long-term plans for supporting leaders in integrated care systems.

Department of Health and Social Care

CQC Local system reviews: Brokerage Support 2017/18

SCIE was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care to provide independent brokerage and co-ordinating support to local areas that were subject to the CQC’s local health and care systems reviews.

Read our report on lessons learned
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Department of Health and Social Care

Integration 2020

SCIE was commissioned to research emerging practice relating to the integration of health and social care and to consult with national stakeholders about progress towards integration.

Read the research
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Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Reviewing existing practice and supporting delivery of adult social care reform programme
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership logo

SCIE completed a baselining exercise and best practice review for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. SCIE went on to develop detailed plans to support the delivery of an adult social care reform programme with the aim of improving outcomes.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association

Recommendations on integrating health
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association logo

SCIE and PPL were commissioned to develop strategic recommendations for integrating health and social care in practical and sustainable ways and for establishing system leadership and governance.

NHS England

Evaluation of Integration Accelerator Sites – Phase 1

NHS England commissioned SCIE to advise on the development of an evaluation framework for its 22 demonstrator sites across England and to offer support to managers leading 3 Integration Accelerator Sites.

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Better Care Support Team - NHS England

Learning and implementation support

The Better Care Fund (BCF) support programme aims to help local areas to develop and implement BCF plans across England. SCIE was first commissioned by the Better Care Support Team (now based within NHS England) to support the programme in 2014 when it was in its development phase and the work is still continuing.

Find out more: SCIE and the Better Care Fund

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Department of Health and Social Care

Evaluation of Integrated Personal Commissioning, 2016 – 2019
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The Department of Health commissioned a consortium including SCIE to evaluate the Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) programme – an approach to integrate health and social care services. SCIE gathered evidence from local authorities to identify lessons about the effectiveness of IPC schemes.

Isle of Wight NHS

Support to develop an integrated discharge team
Isle of Wight NHS logo

SCIE has worked with Carnell Farrah, who are leading a health and care systems improvement programme, to support the establishment of a new Integrated Complex Discharge Team to help patients with complex care needs transfer into home or community settings. The work has involved reviewing best practice and facilitation of a multidisciplinary workshop with staff who will lead the new team.