Research and information

Primary and secondary research to inform decision-making and improve care and health

Care and health providers, commissioners, policy-makers and researchers need reliable evidence to inform tough decisions and support service improvement, efficiency and better outcomes for people using services and their carers. 

SCIE’s research consultancy service provides that evidence.

It was great to work with SCIE to better understand local authority decision-making on early intervention. Their excellent contacts and collaborative approach helped us to appreciate what helps and hinders long-term planning as well as to generate practical recommendations for the way ahead.

Kate Mulley, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Action for Children

Research services

You can commission SCIE to deliver:

Our approach to research

Our in-house experts and associates conduct research, evaluation and information gathering on a consultancy basis. Our dedicated team of research analysts and information specialists have both subject matter and methodological expertise.

We pioneered a robust approach to social care research, using multiple sources, including the direct experiences of people who use and deliver services. And we have over 14 years’ experience in delivering and disseminating reliable, independent research findings.

We also work in partnership with other research agencies to complement our skills, knowledge and capacity.

Research clients

We provide research services to a wide range of clients including local authorities, care providers, national agencies, government departments, foundation trusts, research agencies and universities. Some of our research clients are outlined below.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Quick guides
NICE logo

The quick guide format was developed in response to feedback from audiences. Each guide covers key information based on NICE guidance that is relevant to a specific audience e.g. care home managers, practitioners who support children and people who use services. A co-production group is involved in the development of each guide.

Access the quick guides


Review of evidence of what works in homelessness services
Crisis logo

SCIE was commissioned by Crisis to undertake a review of currently existing evidence on the effectiveness and costs of homelessness interventions and services. The review informed the Crisis plan to end homelessness.

Welsh Government

Rapid evidence assessment and guidance development: autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)
Welsh Government logo

In 2017, the Welsh Government commissioned SQW and SCIE to undertake a rapid evidence assessment (REA) into 'what works' in supporting learners affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Department for Education

Coaching to innovation programme projects
Department for Education logo

The Department for Education has commissioned SCIE, Mutual Ventures and Innovation Unit to provide experienced, expert, flexible support and challenge to 45 Innovation Programme-funded projects that support vulnerable children and young people.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Evaluation of the local authority partnerships programme
Macmillan Cancer Support logo

Leading national cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support commissioned SQW and SCIE to evaluate its Local Authority Partnerships (LAP) Programme. The Programme provides a vision for delivering integrated care and support.

NWG Network

Child sexual exploitation – evaluation support
NWG Network logo

The NWG Network provides specialist support, training and resources to professionals whose work involves tackling child sexual exploitation. The organisation commissioned SCIE to evaluate its performance and impact.

This is a crucial time for the NWG Network as we build our reach and impact. We are delighted to have SCIE helping us analyse our performance and assess our impact in the future.

Sheila Taylor MBE, Chief Executive, NWG Network.

Research partners

We complement our in-house expertise through partnerships with leading experts in social care policy, practice, research and economics including:

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