Social care after COVID-19: building a sustainable future

Social care after COVID: Woman looking forward

SCIE, CIPFA and Peopletoo have come together in these unique times to support local government address the challenges presented to social care after COVID-19. Through our combined skills and expertise we have developed a bespoke diagnostic framework for local authorities that supports both children’s and adult social care to:

Why have we joined forces?

Across local government, finance and social care, leaders are acutely aware that as soon as the immediate crisis subsides, there will be an urgent need to refocus on managing the increased costs and demand caused by COVID-19, in order to help ensure sustainable adult and children’s services.

We understand the issues and challenges faced by the care sector. Through our collective experience in social care practice, finance and commissioning of services, we believe we are placed to provide local authorities with comprehensive support to develop a robust recovery and long-term social care plan.

Our partnership is unique:

  • We are independent, values-driven organisations with the public sector at the heart of what we do.
  • We can connect and align the thinking of finance leaders and those leading social care.
  • We understand social care policy and legislation, and how this translates into best practice.
  • We can model costs based on current and future demand overlaid with best practice, to help you build a medium- to long-term plan – a clear roadmap for the future.
  • We understand the role of digital in transforming care services.
  • We are experts in commissioning and market development.

Supporting social care after COVID-19

Our offer

Together we have created a bespoke diagnostic framework which enables local authorities to rapidly develop a robust and shared view of both current and future levels of demand and the associated cost of service provision. This will enable leaders to develop plans that improve the quality of practice and outcomes in both adult and children’s social care, as well as managing their costs.


Use the framework to create a robust roadmap and financial model that combines sustainable outcomes with practical and realistic ways of working. Our team will provide you with a checklist of resilience-based recommendations to ensure your organisation is best placed to tackle the challenges it will face post COVID-19.

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We invited strategic decision-makers across all channels of social care delivery to join this panel discussion in which we addressed pivotal aspects to the recovery and reform of children and adult social care services.

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