Webinar recording: What's next in adult social care transformation?


In a new report, Beyond COVID: New thinking on the future of social care, we argue that despite the massive challenges facing the sector, this is time for bold reform.

SCIE, CIPFA and Peopletoo ran a second webinar in a new series in which we discussed how, as a sector, we are going to achieve sustainable transformation in adult social care, in order to meet the challenges we discussed in our first webinar.

As experts in finance, commissioning and social care practice, we recognise the demands facing social care leaders, as well as their aspirations to build back from COVID-19 to create a healthy and sustainable future for their communities. During this webinar, we talked through some of the critical success factors to achieving this, which include:

The panel:

Our panel was also joined by Iain Baine, Director of Adult Services and Wellbeing, Calderdale Council, who talked about some of the transformational work they are undertaking in Calderdale.

SCIE, CIPFA and Peopletoo: Why have we joined forces?