Digital-enabled social care

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SCIE and Digital First can work with local government organisations to develop your digital offer to your social care workforce and the people who use your services.

COVID-19 has shown the sector can move quickly and collaboratively to shield and protect at-risk and isolated people, and keep public services functioning.

Digital enablement has become central to the rapid response and solutions for staff and residents – from enabling mass remote working, video meetings, network connectivity, rapid data and information sharing alongside a general uplift in digital skills and new ways of working.

As we move to the next new normal there is an opportunity to rethink and reimagine how these lessons can help accelerate the pace of digitalisation across adult social care.

SCIE recognises the key drivers behind digital transformation and the current challenges facing adult social care:

SCIE has developed a comprehensive diagnostic model to identify the gaps, opportunities and options for greater digital enablement of your council’s care system.

Our team brings the expertise to remodel your digital approaches and capabilities, alongside a deep understanding of the reality of how services work across a policy, systems and practice level.

How we work with you

The SCIE and Digital First offer is appreciative. We work collaboratively with teams to build trust, strong team working and capability.

1. Create the team

Utilising remote digital engagement and securing senior sponsorship.

2. Apply the model

Undertaking a whole system review using our comprehensive model of digital care, and drawing from national good practice.

3. Make the case

Develop a robust, evidenced case for change that has impact.

4. Bridge to delivery

Broker the ‘next-steps’ conversation and develop a plan for sustained change.

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