Strengths-based, social care practice with impact

SCIE can work with local government organisations to develop your strengths-based, social care practice, building on SCIE’s national guidance and improvements tools.

SCIE were really critical in helping us to guide us through workshops towards developing an evidence- based practice framework that staff actually believed in.

Georgina Diba, Head of Transformation and Principle Social Worker

We understand that alongside supporting practitioners to become strengths-based and collaborative in their practice with people who use services, it is imperative that the right conditions are put in place to enable strengths-based practice to thrive.

We have learned that the impact of practitioners is often undermined by:

spending too much time on low value administration

poor business processes and IT support

a lack of data and management information to target effort and make the best decisions

unnecessary hand-offs

This undermines the ability to share, learn and focus effort into areas of highest risk and embed strengths-based approaches.

SCIE is sector leading in its support to adult social care services to embed strengths-based practice. We believe the role of social care practitioners needs to modernise and become more productive and effective.

We do this by identifying unproductive activities which don’t bring value, exploring what is working well and how we build on it, and working collaboratively with practitioners to re-design solutions.

Our team combines expertise in practice development, research and analysis and change management and our work is underpinned by SCIE’s in-depth knowledge of evidenced-based social care policy and national good practice.

How we work with you

The SCIE offer is appreciative: We work with teams to find untapped strengths and make lasting improvement.

1. Create the team

Including senior sponsorship and a practice study team to drive our analysis.

2. Apply the model

Through a practice study comprising data from: day in life of stories; practice insight; reflective learning; and lived experience.

3. Make the case

Translating the practice study insights into a robust case for change and planning.

4. Bridge to delivery

To produce a next-steps plan for sustaining change.

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