System commissioning in social care

SCIE can work with local government organisations to develop the way you commission your care services.

There is growing evidence that the way we commission social care is outdated. Much of our commissioning activity is based on a market model, and has led to the pursuit of short-term savings over the long-term development of social assets.

At heart, commissioning is simply about working with people to improve lives.

For many, COVID recovery is an opportunity to seek transformational change in commissioning.

Commissioning should be about tapping into the creativity of the community and public servants; instead it’s become about buying stuff and a pointless dance between commissioners and providers with neither able to shape services effectively based on need and ambition.

SCIE is uniquely placed to help councils diagnose and deliver the change the system needs. Through our knowledge of innovation and best practice, we can help you apply the latest thinking on commissioning models and contracts. Using our comprehensive commissioning strategy model, we help councils make the leap to a new model of commissioning, delivering better care and support outcomes that are financially sustainable.

The SCIE commissioning strategy model

The SCIE model creates a new way of looking at commissioning, which asks the key questions:

And will support a focus on the seven commissioning capabilities that make the biggest difference:

  1. Commissioning purpose
  2. Lived experience
  3. Skills and capacity
  4. Insight and analysis
  5. Relationships and connectivity
  6. Innovation and learning
  7. Delivery and effectiveness

The application of the strategy model results in a co-designed change plan which can provide a practical roadmap which supports a different approach to commissioning, based on local community assets and best practice.

1. Create the team

Including data gathering, identifying senior sponsors and co-production.

2. Apply the model

Including workshops to explore diagnostic questions.

3. Make the case

Including developing a case for change based on the strengths and gaps identified in the strategy model, and an application of best practice models.

4. Bridge to delivery

Delivery workshop and next steps plan.

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