Targeted prevention in social care

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SCIE and Xantura can work with local government organisations to develop the way you make decisions about prevention in social care.

Adult social care is under ever-increasing pressure to provide efficient and effective services to a growing adult population, with complex and varied care and support needs. COVID-19 has accelerated councils shift in approach, to focus on preventative and targeted decision making that provides support where it’s needed most, including communities at risk from COVID-19.

This shift sees adult social care at the heart of place-based offers, playing an active part in engaging with people and communities for better strengths-based solutions – enabling people to draw on their own strengths and connect with others.

This aspiration relies on making the earliest possible interventions.

SCIE and technology company Xantura have come together to provide an evidence-led and data-focused diagnostic that supports councils to identify key risks and future demands for their specific population, ethically and safely. The data-driven outcomes from this diagnostic can:

We bring expertise and experience in commissioning, practice, strategy, change management and data analytics, providing a multidisciplinary team that enables gives organisations the support they need to deliver improvements.

How we work with you

The SCIE and Xantura offer is appreciative: we work with teams to find untapped strengths and make lasting improvement. Our diagnostic typically lasts 12-14 weeks, and involves four stages:

1. Create the team

Including information gathering, identifying senior sponsors and co-production.

2. Select cohorts & develop cohort strategy

Including workshops, conducting targeted data analysis, co-designing solutions which reflect national good practice.

3. Case for change

Develop a robust, evidenced case for change that has impact, including cost benefit analysis.

4. Bridge to delivery

Brokering the ‘next steps’ conversation and developing a focused plan for sustained change.

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