Determining eligibility under the Care Act 2014 e-learning course


This CPD-accredited course takes a deep dive into the national eligibility threshold and criteria for adults requiring care and support, and carers requiring support. These were introduced by the Care Act 2014 and the national eligibility criteria are set out in the Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2015.

Conducting an assessment and determining a person's eligibility for publicly-funded care and support using the national eligibility criteria are cornerstones of the changes introduced by the Care Act 2014. They are both vital elements in implementing the vision and culture for adult care and support across England.

Course content

Screenshot of determining eligibility under the Care Act 2014 e-learning course

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and explain the eligibility criteria for adults needing care and support
  • Understand and explain the eligibility criteria for carers needing support
  • Know the eligibility outcomes for adults and carers
  • Understand the importance of wellbeing when determining eligibility
  • Be able to apply the eligibility criteria fairly and equitably and evidence your decision
  • Know the steps to take after eligibility has been determined, including understanding the relevance of preventative measures

Course features

  • Saved learning progress
  • Learning notes
  • Online assessment
  • CPD certificate
  • Email support
  • Works on desktop
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  • Works on mobile

CPD accreditation

CPD Standards Office accredited course By studying the course, and passing the assessment, you will be issued with a certificate showing 2.0 CPD points.

CPD Standards Office accredited course ref no 60036/51.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this course for? Open

    All social care staff including:

    • people employed in assessment and care planning roles within the local authority, including social care practitioners, social workers and occupational therapists
    • staff from partner organisations carrying out assessment or validation on behalf of the local authority, such as 'third-party', 'community' or 'trusted' assessors
    • managers of all the above types of role.
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  • How long does it take to study the course?Open

    This is always a difficult question to answer as no two people are the same. There are a number of factors to consider such as level of knowledge, reading speed and in which order the course is completed.

    For that reason, our estimates are really quite broad. Analytics shows that learners take an average of 90 minutes to study the course.

  • Version history Open

    v1.0 (June 2021): Original release of course.

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    • An internet connection is required, with the ability to stream video content from Vimeo and YouTube.
    • All material in these resources, including text, graphics, photographs, video and audio is copyright of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), unless otherwise stated.
    • Use of this course is freely permitted, but commercial use is not authorised unless permission is first obtained in writing.
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