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Published: June 2013 | Reviewed: May 2017
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We can only ensure effective personalisation and high-quality care and support when we place the needs and preferences of individuals at the heart of the services we deliver.

This e-learning course will help you achieve excellent person-centred care and support by learning about and using one-page profiles.

This course guides you through the process of completing a one-page profile for yourself, as a first step towards using one-page profiles in your work. The course also contains video examples and written testimonies showing how one-page profiles can and have changed the lives of individuals.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this course for? Open

    The resource is for everyone. If you are a personal assistant, a care and support worker, someone who cares for a family member or friend at home, or if you are a social worker or a health or social care manager, you will learn how one-page profiles can be used to improve the lives of people who use services. You’ll also find out how the profiles improve communication between people using and delivering care and support to the mutual benefit of everyone.

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    • An internet connection is required, with the ability to stream video content from YouTube.
    • All material in these resources, including text, graphics, photographs, video and audio is copyright of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), unless otherwise stated.
    • Use of this course is freely permitted, but commercial use is not authorised unless permission is first obtained in writing.
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