Campbell Collaboration Colloquium

Oslo, Norway May 18 – 20 2009

What is the Campbell Collaboration Colloquium?

The Campbell Collaboration helps staff make well-informed decisions. The international organisation does this by preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews in education, crime and justice, and social welfare.

It holds an annual Colloquium meeting, and the theme of the 2009 Colloquium was ‘Better evidence for a better world’.  The event featured speakers from policy making, practice, and academic research.

SCIE was well represented on the event programme, with SCIE research staff delivering six workshops (please see below for a full list).

Why is the Campbell Collaboration called C2?

Click here for more information about the history of the organisation.

Why is SCIE involved?

SCIE has developed a number of approaches that enable us to set a high standard for social care knowledge; the quality of SCIE’s work depends on a rigorous and transparent research methodology.

SCIE collaborates with the The Campbell Collaboration as we are involved with producing systematic reviews for social care in the UK.  Throughout SCIE’s research we draw on international research literature and check our work against international methodological standards. 

SCIE has supported and presented at every Colloquium since 2001, and we welcome this continuing international collaboration.

We draw on research from across the social, educational and health care sectors, and we promote user and carer involvement in building an evidence base. 

Photgraph of Ed Mullen, Haluk Soydan, Mike Fisher, Jenny Rehnman

Photgraph of Ed Mullen, Haluk Soydan, Mike Fisher, Jenny Rehnman.

SCIE presentations

Developing systematic mapping of the social welfare literature: another year’s experience! (957kb PDF file)

Janet Clapton, Information Manager, Deborah Rutter, Senior Research Analyst.

Building evidence across health and social care – the story of a collaboration (621kb PDF file)

Amanda Edwards, Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Children & Families with Professor Mike Kelly, NICE.

Grading of evidence in evidence-based clearinghouses (295kb PDF file)

Mike Fisher, Head of Quality and Research with Jenny Rehmnan (Institute for Evidence based Social Work, Sweden), Ed Mullen (Columbia University) and Haluk Soydan (California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare).